Pre-loaded Suture Anchors

5.5mm and 6.5mm Double Loaded
5.5mm Triple Loaded

The  X/X3 Suture Anchor provides an efficient, strong, and stable solution for rotator cuff repair. The unique PEEK anchor body with blunt tip and tapered thread pitch allows for easy anchor insertion while maintaining superior purchase to the bone. The dual channel eyelet allows the suture strands to slide freely and easily, improving suture management.


  • Unique Drop-in Anchor Tip: Promotes effortless anchor insertion
  • Tapered, Dual Thread Design: Strong, reliable repair providing:
  • Superior Suture Strength: Double & Triple loaded options with high strength (UHMWPE) #2 Force Fiber suture (289N*)
    • Double loaded with a solid blue and blue/white co-braid suture
    • Triple loaded with solid blue, blue/white co-braid, and black/white co-braid suture
  • Dual Channel Eyelet: Suture slides freely allowing for easier suture management
  • Proven PEEK-OPTIMA® Technology: Provides optimal and consistent healing environment
  • X3



Intended Use

The Cayenne Medical, Inc. X/X3 Suture Anchors are intended for use for the reattachment of soft tissue to bone for Rotator Cuff Repairs.


References * Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery, Vol 22, No 10 (October), 2006: pp 1063-1069

* Data available upon request

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